23 October, Friday
3pm (Singapore GMT +8)

(48 hours to view the recording of the session)

Absolutely no yoga or other experience is necessary – everyone is welcome!

I am presenting at The Embodiment Conference 2020

Have you heard about The Embodiment Conference that’s taking place right now?

Well… Now you have!

And… I am so thrilled and honoured to be presenting at this conference!

A 60min Restorative Session titled “Hit the Pause Button”.

Takes place next Friday, 23 October, 3pm (Singapore, GMT +8)

• Auckland, NZ (8pm)

• Sydney, Australia (6pm)

• Tokyo, Japan (4pm)

• UK (8am)

To attend the session, all you need to do is to register for the conference. Then search for “restorative yoga” or “Friday 23 October” to find my session.

⭐️ This is a MASSIVE conference!

  • 12 days
  • 1,000+ speakers
  • 11 specialist channels (social change, trauma, leadership, dance & creativity, yoga, meditation movement and anatomy, to name a few)

A great chance to learn from some amazing people (including me!)

Learn and deepen your skill, recalibrate and recharge your personal practice and connect with others across the globe.



Another great thing after you register is you can watch any of the live sessions and past videos (for 48hrs).

You also have the option to purchase all the recordings, if you would like to keep them forever to watch later. So please sign up now!

⭐️ And you know who else is presenting at this conference?

LEGENDS!  In all of the various fields – meditation, movement, anatomy, yoga.

All the wonderful people I admire (whose books line my bookshelves) and would love one day to learn from and train with.

★ Yoga
Gail Parker (Restorative Yoga for Race-Based Traumatic Stress)
Jill Miller
Elena Brower
Richard Freeman
Ana Forest
Leslie Kaminoff (Yoga educator- Yoga Anatomy)

★ Somatics & Movement
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Jennifer Pilotti
Peter Levine (Developer of Somatic Experiencing method)
Dr. Gabor Maté (Renowned speaker, and bestselling author)

★Anatomy & Brain Science

Gil Hedley (Integral anatomy)
Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains)

Stephen Porges (Polyvagal Theory)

★Mindfulness & Meditation

Jon Kabat-Zinn (founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction -MBSR)
Jack Kornfield (Meditation teacher in the Vipassana movement)
Sharon Salzberg
Jeff Brown (his writings are da bomb!)
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