Slow Flow Yoga Deconstructed

A non-hurried, (sometimes) flow-based yoga class that allows you to enjoy the breath and experience the poses. The focus of this class is on how poses and movement are intentionally deconstructed, rearranged and integrated into the sequence.

Slow down and take control of how you move, feel and breathe.
Be prepared to move in new ways, sweat, and have fun!
Options and modifications will be o
ffered. Preferably some yoga experience would be great.

You will need these items for the class:

2 yoga blocks
Yoga strap

Myofascial Release

Learn how to use Yoga Tune Up® balls or tennis balls to massage, stimulate and release areas of tension and tight muscles. Many spots in the body can’t be easily targeted by just stretching.

Sometimes when we’ve built up tension in particular muscles, using massage tools like Yoga Tune Up® balls help to work into hard to target areas. This improves circulation, hydration and mobility in those muscles and tissues.

Great class to balance out a busy week. This class is beneficial for all.

You will need these items for the class:

• A pair Yoga Tune Up® / tennis balls balls
• Yoga blocks / books + towel

Restorative Yoga

Slow somatic movements. Guided breathing exercises. Visual imagery and meditation. Simple yoga poses supported by props such as towels, pillows, bolsters, cushions, and maybe even a teddy bear.

The practice of restorative yoga encourages the release of unnecessary tension in the body. The result is a calmer state of mind, ease in the breath and a more restful body.

Everyone is welcome. No yoga experience is required.

You will need these items for the class:

2 blocks
3 blankets or towels
2 pillows / cushions
Eye Pillow / small towel to cover eyes

Roll & Restore

This class combines the yummy goodness of 2 of our popular classes: Myofascial Release and Restorative Yoga.

Reduce tight spots and create more ease in the body through self-massage via ball-rolling. After which, rest and let go even more into sweet luxurious supported restorative yoga poses.

This class will have you feeling rested and blissed out.

You will need these items for the class:

A pair Yoga Tune Up® /tennis balls
Yoga blocks
3 blankets or towels
2 pillows/cushions

Yoga Basics

if you are a brand new beginner, or have not had much yoga practice, or want to take it easier in your practice or revisit the basics of yoga. This class focuses a few poses in each session. Fundamental concepts will be covered – where to place the hands, feet as well as the practising the poses. Suitable for everyone.

You will need these items for the class:

2 blocks
Yoga strap /belt /tie

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