ROLL-laxing into Ease and Bliss with Adeline Tien

Yoga Tune Up® Self-Care Workshop

I am happy and excited to announce that I am teaching a 2-hour Yoga Tune Up® workshop at Freedom Yoga on 25 May!

– Want to know what’s the hype about Yoga Tune Up®?

– Or perhaps you missed out on the previous Yoga Tune Up® workshops?


👉 Well, why don’t you join me for this 2 hour workshop! 👈

  • Embody and experience the sheer bliss of ball-rolling self massage techniques.
  •  Release, manipulate and create ease in those areas of tension, wth minimum effort and maximum self care.
  • Feel better; Breath better; Move better

Absolutely no yoga or other experience is necessary – everyone is welcome!

💥Read more and register here!💥

Only 20 mat spaces!


See you there!


25 May, Saturday. 2 – 4pm

(includes a pair of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls)

Book your mat now!

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