I first tried Adeline’s class after having pulled my back. I was in terrible pain and was very worried about making it worse. She reassured me that I would be fine and that it would help. With her kindness and attentive approach in class, I was finally able to relax after a few minutes. Adeline provided modifications for me throughout the entire class, ensuring that I was always fully supported. I left the class with a huge amount of relief!

Adeline is a wonderful teacher who cares about her students. She takes the time to make certain that all her student’s needs are met in order to provide them with the optimal restorative practice. Thanks to Adeline, Restorative yoga has become my favorite go-to class for general wellbeing, both for mind and body

Stephane Pizzo

Yoga Student

Awww, the wonders of Restorative Yoga! I was first introduced to Restorative yoga by Adeline Tien. Her understanding, insight and personal attention to her students, provides you with one of the most powerful self-healing, revitalizing and grounding experiences, I have ever known.

I leave her classes feeling calm, in harmony with myself and overall, a sense of wellbeing floods through my body.

I am so grateful for her classes and the attention/the gift, she provides to all her students.

Nadja Pizzo Vartany

Yoga Teacher

Restorative yoga can be really powerful in your healing journey. I was fortunate to attend Adeline’s restorative classes in my post surgery recovery phase. I was a yoga teacher myself (not a yoga therapist then), and I started slowly with home practice of pranayama breathing and meditation.¬†¬†Adeline’s restorative class was the only yoga class I could attend.

It was such a healing experience to receive her compassion, care and precision in seeing what support one needs. Adeline is, no doubt, that one of the best teachers you can learn the art of teaching restorative yoga.

If you are serious about learning how restorative yoga can heal us, DO take part in her training.

Mariko Lavender-Jones

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist

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